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शरीरर्माद्यं खलु धर्मम साधनं

(Body is a means to accomplish a Dharma)

Cambridge Hindu Forum (CHF) was formed in July 2016 with the sole aim of building a Hindu Temple in or around Cambridge. To accomplish this much desirable goal CHF has persevered to bring together all Hindus and those who have an interest in the Hindu way of life.

CHF's approach and endeavours are open and inclusive to all individuals irrespective of their age, gender, language, ability and any particular forms of Hindu worship they submit to including those who belong to other religions or those who don’t associate with any religious beliefs at all.

CHF's vision is to:

  • Establish a Hindu temple for worship with educational and community facilities

  • Create opportunities to celebrate Hindu festivals and to perform social, cultural and religious practices

  • Promote arts, culture and literary teachings in line with Hindu philosophy

  • Represent the common interests of the local British Hindu community

  • Engage people of all beliefs and those with no religious beliefs through an ethos of service.

The forum shall be perpetual in nature, religious, not for profit, sociocultural in nature, will operate according to Hindu Philosophy and be open and welcoming to people of all or no religious beliefs to visit.

Ganesha idol on CHF website

The Forum was strengthened by the formation of the Vedic Heritage Group in December 2016 and this has enabled CHF to provide a platform to children and young adults for the discourse of Vedic knowledge comprising of teachings from the Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. The Vedic Heritage Group also offers Vedic Mathematics classes run by a dedicated group individuals who have committed their valuable time and efforts to further and develop the understanding of our children in our ancient value based systems and to garner a sense of pride and identity amongst them. 2024 Vedic Class schedule to be announced soon!

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